Leads to things like this.
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November 3, 2009 by zakai1369
as you can see in the picture it is working fine in both IE and Opera but for some reason not showing at all in FF. It has been this way in every thread I've been in today. Before that it was fine. I have the latest version of FF and the only thing I've changed on my system since yesterday is installing the Win7 upgrade.  

October 26, 2009 by zakai1369
Ok so I was reading a few different pages of the forums without any problems and then I made a comment on this one page and as soon as I did the page then looked like this :




Now every other page of the forums looks just fine. But this one page no matter if I refresh it or if I close it and go back to it(from any possible way) it still looks like this. It is this thread.
September 4, 2008 by zakai1369
Ok so I'm going to use the smallest pic I have to demonstrate this. 

If I try to insert some text and then put a picture and then add more text and smilies it will not show the picture and cuts out the text that came between the pic and the smiley.

September 2, 2008 by zakai1369
Wow!! What a great day to log onto WC.

To get to the home page and see that I.R. Braniac has realeased his ecoLogical wb. And then click that newest gallery button and (once you wade past all the icons that look like they should be packaged together )

find a gadget by bilbo to match that blind and then find that SKoriginals has started releasing parts of his Wraith suite.Plus knowing that there are great matching skins on their way for these themes from artists such as WebGizmos, messi...
May 20, 2008 by zakai1369
Just noticed a couple of hours ago that this came out today.

 Thought I would mention it here since I've seen a few widgets made for use with Netflix accounts which made me figure there may be people interested.
March 25, 2008 by zakai1369
I'm not sure when this started but I just noticed it in the last couple of days.

When I open my  My Pictures, My Music, and My Videos folders the picture in the bottom right hand corner of the window is always the one for My Pictures.  I applied about a dozen skins that have different pictures for each folder in the wba file and they all had the same result.

What makes it even stranger is that it occurs only on my C: drive. My backup drive shows the correct pictures for each fo...
February 18, 2008 by zakai1369
I know everyone is pretty busy with trying to get the forums straightened out today but I figured I would post this anyways to see if I am the only one having this issue.

So far today I have opened both Stardock Central and Wincustomize Browser both about 4 times. Neither of them is showing any New Skins or Updated Skins at all. I know there are new things that have been posted since last night when I checked.

Both show that they are connecting to the servers and checking but they are re...